Thursday, 15 April 2010

'Jenkins...chap with wings there. Five founds, rapid.'

Daemons-a-go-go, it's been a fair old while since Teeth Of The Sea have made any forays into the live arena. This is largely because we've spent the last six months drinking in a pub with the best pinball machine on Earth (see above) Battling with the very notions of fancy dress and the guilty pleasure, and trying to think of ways to exact a terrifying vengeance on whichever person allowed Mr. Hudson to become a pop star. Oh yeah, and also we've been writing and recording our second album, which is gonna be out at the start of October.

However, it's a pleasure to relate that we're hammering back into action with a vengenace in the merry month of May, and moreover have all manner of exciting shenanigans to relate besides that.

First off, muchas gracias to those chaps at the Dexter Bentley Hello Goodbye show on Resonance FM. where we sullied airwaves aplenty shortly after noon last Saturday. This was our third session for those chaps, and a radio premiere for our new monster 'You're Mercury'. You can listen to this quarter-hour's worth of racket on the site very soon, as well as some bashful ramblings from us lot shorty afterwards.

Naturally, we've booked a whole host of shows for our return to the fray in May 2010: First of these if gonna be a show at The Macbeth at the behest of The mighty Quietus for the London Stag And Dagger on Friday May 21st. A killer bill this one, what with the thrillingly disorientating brass abusers Gyratory System, dreampop afficianados White Hinterland and
the mighty blues barbarians Archie Bronson Outfit.

Secondly, we're beyond thrilled to announce we're supporting Ben Frost at Kilburn's Luminaire on Sunday May 30th. 'By The Throat' was pretty well our favourite record of last year, so this has all the hallmarks of a memorable evening's chilly entertainment.


As if all that wasn't enough, we're also playing Cafe Oto on July 15th with everyone's favourite travelling shaman Damo Suzuki, and we're also spectacularly chuffed to be journeying up to Brazier's Park in Oxfordshire in August for Supernormal Festival, alongside a host of esteemed ne'er-do-wells including our old sparring partners in degeneracy Gnod, The A Band, Emily Breeze and the headliners, the imcomparable FAUST.

In the meantime, we shall leave you with this little beauty from Harry Thumann. Mr. Thumann's 1982 future-synth smorgasbord 'Andromeda' was unknown to us until quite recently, but believe us when we relate that this beast has to be heard to be believed. Not always for the right reasons, we'll admit.

Right, we're off to hotwire a Commodore 64...

'I can't believe, how you slurred at me/with your half-wired broken jaw'
Jimmy TOTS x

Monday, 5 April 2010

TOTS Blogmix No.1

Jupiter & Beyond The Infinite: A TOTS Mixtape inspired by the infinite cosmos, of spinning endlessly in the void, of the vast unfathomable mysteries of space.
And good music.
Mike TOTS x

Jupiter & Beyond The Infinite by Mike TOTS